BEST RATE CEDAR INC. - a mill direct supplier of high end cedar products.  All our mill direct supply is STK or Clear grades.  Fir and Pine soffit t/g Call: 604-862-4663 MILL DIRECT LOCATION IS IN COQUITLAM, BC. CANADA.

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Best Rate Cedar is a mill direct supplier of Cedar products. Cedar decking, siding, bevel, channel, clear cedar soffit, Pine/ Fir t@g  soffit, sidewall shingles and custom run siding.  All of our mills are on grade. Custom staining and cartage throughout Canada and the U.S.A. We are a boutique cedar supplier and an alternative to big box stores such as Rona or Home Depot.


Mill direct supply for many products. Staining, custom architectural patterns, a variety of grades with no prior selection.  Mill direct cedar products.

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, White Rock, BC Canada | 604-862-4663

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