Inventory is mill direct stock- CALL FOR ALL CURRENT PRICING.

Best Rate maintains mill direct stock in Coquitlam.  All boards, decking, clear panelling, fascia, 6x6 and many other products are located at the Coquitlam yard.  Call or email to place an order.  Viewing stock prior to purchase is always possible.  Call or email to receive a mill direct quote.  Items are in stock.  Best Rate Cedar quotes on high end clear, stk and standard and better products.  We have some value grades in cedar siding.

Call for all current market pricing.   Many high end decking products mill direct.  1" 2" boards up to 20' 2x4  2x6  2x8  5/4x4  5/4x5  5/4x6  Call or email for pricing.  Pricing is subject to change at any time due to market fluctuations.

Cedar bevel 

8" STK Bevel  siding   In stock 8-20

6" SELECT bevel stk  In stock 8-20

11/16"x10" bevel 8-20 

7/8" x 10 bevel heavy edge   Haida Skirl

1/2 x 6 smooth face bevel siding 6-15'  Finger jointed 

1x10 Haida Skirl siding mill direct call for a quote.


Channel  Siding

1x6 STK 

8" SELECT channel -longs 8-20' 


Mill Specials:

6x6 rgh #2 struc or Appearance grade cedar 8-20'  

Deckster Brackets by the 4' long box.  


Cedar Clear

Fineline/ flush/ gapped/ bevel/ t/g/ channel / finger jointed options.

1x6 / 1x4  #1 clear export grade t@g v-jnt A and Better 3,4,5 lengths.

7/16x6/ 7/16x4  rgh and smooth face flush.  Tongue and Groove.

7/16x6 V-jnt t/g clear 3,4,5  CLEAR KD #1


Pine t@g 

1x6 pine SELECT v-jnt 8-16  stk and clear C and better or  Primed 

1x4 t@g pine v- jnt SELECT 

Sidewall shingles:  mill direct   25 sq. ft/ctn Clear for bottom 8".  5.5" coverage.

"Lexingtons"   / #1 VG  #2 Sidewalls  Boxed or bundled product.

Primed gray or white

Cedar stain ICI     

 Fence Boards:  Mill direct call to order.

1x6 sis 2e 6' fence boards 

1x6 #3 no hole sis 2e Dog eared (5') 

1x6 #3 no hole sis 2e Dog eared (6')

1x4 sis 2e boards stk




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