Best Rate payment options:

1. Credit card payment by MasterCard or Visa.

2. Internet E- bank transfer: See below:  Secure direct banking.

Key features and benefits  Courtesy of RBC:

  • It's SIMPLE. All you need is the recipient's name  
  • It's FAST. Recipients are notified of transfers via email and can deposit the money immediately through online banking.
  • It's SECURE. The money is transferred through Online Banking and the Interac network, not by email. The shared security question you create with the recipient means only he or she can access the money you send. Plus you're protected by the RBC Online Banking Security Guarantee^.

Sending an Interac e-Transfer costs only $1.00 OR NO COST (non-refundable) – less than a bank draft. Receiving and depositing a transfer using RBC Online Banking is free. And you can see current and past transfers on the "Payment History" link found within Pay Bills & Transfer Funds in RBC Online Banking

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